Remote production innovations are gaining ground as a critical component of the production toolkit now that COVID-19 demands stringent safety precautions—and smaller crews—on the ground. As one example, Bristol, U.K.-based remote-control camera dolly vendor Motion Impossible (MI) is now exclusively represented in the U.S. through a sales and support partnership with AbelCine.

MI said its remote systems have been used this year to cover post-season Major League Baseball as well as the Le Mans car race and the U.S. Open tennis tournament. They are also slated to help shoot NASA and SpaceX’s first full mission launch with astronauts, currently scheduled for October 23, the company said.

“At AbelCine, we’re focused on providing our clients with innovative solutions to the challenges they encounter in the field,” said AbelCine CEO Pete Abel in a prepared statement. “Right now, that challenge is to create high-production-value content, safely and remotely. Motion Impossible provides tools that allow creatives to achieve this, while also expanding their creative options.”

AbelCine will provide sales, training and technical support for MI’s remote dollies in North America. MI had previously been repped in the North American market by Camadeus.

The company’s offerings include the Agito, a remote dolly with a modular design that allows the rig to reconfigured in the field for different production needs. Interchangeable drive ends allow the unit to be used as a free-roaming multi-terrain robotic dolly or on tracks. The ends can be switched out during a shoot without tearing down the entire rig.

Mounting options include the V-Con Pro stabilizer, which handles camera payloads of up to 70 lbs (32 kg), the Agito Tower, which allows vertical jib movement at up to 200mm/sec and holds up to 50 lbs (23 kg), and a Mitchell plate for mounting a remote head directly to the chassis or building custom rigs for specialty shoots.

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